Do you have questions about registration and everyday life in Lucerne? 
Here you will find an overview of the most important information and contact points.

Registration & Accomodation in Lucerne

All information about finding accommodation, moving, registering and deregistering will be found via the head office of the Resident Services of the City of Lucerne.

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Registration & Deregistration

Have you decided to live in Lucerne?
Even if you are moving within the city of Lucerne or intend to leave the city, you will find the most important information about registering and deregistering here.


The easiest way to report a change of address (moving to Lucerne, moving out of Lucerne, moving within the city) (for Swiss nationals) is via the following link:

Living in Lucerne

Life in Lucerne has many facets. The right child care is just as important as leisure activities or medical care. The neighborhood associations of the city of Lucerne will help you gain ground in Lucerne and offer you a wide range of intercultural exchange, German courses, and valuable advice on integration. Below you will find an overview of contact points and further links.

Child Care

In the city of Lucerne there is a constantly growing range of day-care centers, assisted playgroups, day nannies/families, etc. You can find answers to childcare, parental advice and social exchange at the following link. The municipal department for early childhood education and care is available as a contact point.

Recreational Activities

There is a variety of ways to spend your free time - whether you're alone, with children, or in groups.
The city's "Culture and Sport" department is available as a contact point.

Further information:

Neighborhood Life

You are a new member of Lucerne! This means you can actively help to shape your new home. Detailed information about the neighborhood staff can be found on the website Dialog Lucerne.


Arriving in a new place is not always easy and it can take a moment until you feel at home in Lucerne. In the city of Lucerne there is a variety of projects and offers that support you in your social integration. The city's specialist office for integration support is available as a contact point.

Further information:

Support in old age

What services are available for older people? Where can I meet other older people and get involved? Where can I find news and event tips for older people? Where can I find support with questions about old age?
The city's "Age and Health" service and the "Contact Point for Older People" are at your disposal.

Further information:

Mobile on the road

More and more people are on the move on Lucerne's roads every day. The city's "Mobility" service is available to you as a contact point.

Here you can find an overview of the most important information on the subject of mobility in the city of Lucerne:

Public transport

The Lucerne Transport Association (VVL) plans and finances public transport in the Canton of Lucerne and runs the Passepartout office.
The city of Lucerne and the VVL work closely together to achieve the goals set out in the mobility strategy.

Further information: Public transport


The city of Lucerne should become even more attractive for cyclists. With its mobility strategy, Lucerne has set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of passenger kilometres travelled by cyclists in the city of Lucerne.

Further information: Cycling

Motored traffic

One of the goals of the city of Lucerne is to reduce motorised individual traffic in the city centre. 
Here you will find an overview of all aspects of public parking:
Public parking spaces