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New in the city?
Responsible Office
Kinder Jugend Familie
Postfach 7860
Kasernenplatz 3
6000 Luzern 7
041 208 87 00


Leisure Activities with Children

What leisure activities are available for children and families?

You can listen to brief introductory information in your language here:

+ Local clubs
+ Pfadi
+ JUBLA Luzern
+ Lucerne’s Music School
+ Lucerne City Guide for Families
+ Neighborhood Activities

Frequently asked questions
A very wide range of leisure activities for children, young people, and families are available in Lucerne.
The Lucerne City Guide for Families (Familienstadtführer Luzern) can help you find appropriate options.
You can find a list of the neighborhood offices in Lucerne at the Department of Neighborhood Activities (Fachstelle Quartierarbeit).
You will find a large selection of organizations, whether in sports, cultural, political, or the arts, in Lucerne. A list of the local clubs is shown online (Vereine der Stadt Luzern).
Lucerne offers a wide and varied selection of cultural options. The Leporello Culture Calendar for families and children (Familien- und Kinderkulturkalender Leporello) can help you find interesting events.

The Children’s Culture program (Kinderkultur) organizes creative leisure activities and puppet shows for children 4-9 years of age in Lucerne.

Theaterkids der Stadt Luzern (Lucerne Theater Kids) is a theater program for school children in grades 1 - 9.

The Jugendkulturhaus (Youth Culture House) Treibhaus offers older children and young adults the opportunity to engage in creative, musical, and cultural activities.
For those who want to participate in sports in their free time, Lucerne offers a large selection of sports clubs; most of them are listed on the internet.

Information on tournaments for school children organized by the local sports clubs can be found on the Lucerne city website.

The city of Lucerne offers Creative and Sports Weeks during the Easter and Fall school vacations. Children and young people can choose from about 90 different creative and athletic courses.
Children and young people can become actively involved in politics in Lucerne’s Children’s and Youth Parliament (Kinder- und Jugendparlament), where they learn to consider and respect different viewpoints.

Stadt Luzern, Sekretariat Kinder- und Jugendparlament
Kasernenplatz 3, Postfach 7860, 6000 Luzern 7
Telephone: +41 (0)41 208 87 04
Email: kinderparlament@stadtluzern.ch
Web: www.kinderparlament.ch 

Jugendparlament der Stadt Luzern
Kasernenplatz 3, 6000 Luzern
Email: info@jupalu.ch
Web: www.jupalu.ch 
The Jungwacht Blauring and the boy/girl scouts (Pfadi) are two important youth organizations that are active in the canton Lucerne. Children and young persons of all nationalities and religions can make new friends and enjoy many exciting adventures in the Pfadi and Jungwacht Blauring.

The Jungwacht Blauring is the largest organization for children and young people in the canton Lucerne. Spending time with friends, playing, camping, exploring nature, and making meaningful use of free time are just a few of the advantages of this type of youth organization.

The largest international youth organization is the Pfadi. From theater projects to cave exploration, volleyball tournaments to Christmas parties in the woods, there is hardly anything the scouts haven’t done by now.
Children and young people can learn to play musical instruments at Lucerne’s music school and receive musical instruction from an early age. Adults and senior citizens also have the opportunity to take lessons at the music school.
Residents of Lucerne have access to a variety of options such as the Ludothek (toy “library”), lending libraries (Bibliotheke), used-toy markets (Spielzeugbörsen), and second-hand shops (Brockis).
+ Ludothek

+ Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern
+ Stadtbibliothek
+ Spielzeugbörse 
+ Brockenhäuser

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