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Higher Schools: Mittelschule/Gymnasium

How does a child get admitted to a higher school? What options are open to young persons after graduation from a higher school?

You can listen to brief introductory information in your language here:

+ Vocational/career counseling
+ Various types of secondary school
Universities, technical colleges
Diagram "Educational System in Canton Lucerne"
+ Information about education in english

Frequently asked questions
The first nine school years (Volksschule) are mandatory for all children living in Switzerland. Schools that conclude with a university-qualifying or vocational examination (Maturität), are called higher schools (Mittelschulen / Gymnasium, Kantonsschule, Fachmittelschule). Students who pass the Matura examination may proceed to higher studies at an advanced technical college, a teachers’ training college, a university, or a polytechnic institute.

+ various types of higher schools
+ A list of higher schools in the canton of Lucerne and further information on the Department of College-Preparatory Education (Dienststelle Gymnasialbildung) is available via this link.
Beginning in the fifth grade, all children begin the transition process for the first secondary-school level (Sekundarstufe I, SEK I). Registration for the long-term Gymnasium (6 years) takes place after the first semester of the sixth grade. It is also possible to begin vocational training after 3 years of Gymnasium.

Students in level A of the Sekundarschule can transfer to the short-term Gymnasium after the eighth school year if they fulfill the requirements. Transfer to an advanced technical college is possible after completing 3 years of level A or B secondary school.

Secondary-school students and their parents are informed regarding the requirements at the apppropriate time.
+ Admission procedure Gymnasium / technical high school
If you have questions on higher schools or their alternatives, you can ask your child’s teacher. You can also obtain information from a career counselor (Berufsberatung), the Center for Educational Information (Bildungs Informations-Zentrum, BIZ), or directly from a higher school.

Bildungsinformationszentrum Luzern BIZ
Berufs-, Studien- und Laufbahnberatung
Obergrundstr. 51, 6002 Luzern   
Telephone: +41 (0)41 228 52 52
Web: http://beruf.lu.ch/biz     

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