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Career choices

Who can help in making career choices? Where can young persons find an apprenticeship? Where can I find information on fields of study? You can find answers to these and other questions via the links on choosing a career shown below.


Continuing education:

+ www.biz.lu.ch
+ Berufsberatung  
+ Berufsbildung (EN) 

Frequently asked questions
A large variety of different career options are available in Switzerland. Young persons must choose their career and decide how to achieve it once they complete the mandatory school years.

A large number of young people opt for vocational training. Depending on the profession, this requires two to four years. Students with a strong learning capacity can also attend a vocational high school (Berufsmaturitätsschule). This degree enables them to enter an advanced technical college after graduation.  

Many young people opt to attend a higher school (Mittelschule), such as a Gymnasium. Graduation from a Gymnasium entitles them to study at a university or an advanced technical college.

BIZ Beratungs- und Informationszentrum für Bildung und Beruf:
Information on vocations, studies and careers:

The specialized department FABIA advises young persons with migrant backgrounds on all questions in regard to education:

In Switzerland, a large proportion of young people complete vocational training (Berufslehre) after they finish school. After successfully completing the vocational program, the trainee receives a federal certificate of proficiency (eidgenössisches Fähigkeitsausweis) for a 3- or 4-year apprenticeship or a federal vocational certificate (eidgenössisches Berufsattest) for a 2-year apprenticeship.

A noteworthy aspect of vocational training in Switzerland is the combination of school with practical on-the-job training. The trainee generally works four days a week and attends the vocational school one day a week.
Counseling is available free of charge at the Center for Educational Information and Career Information (BIZ, Beratungs- und Informationszentrum für Bidlung und Beruf), where young people can obtain information on job descriptions and assistance in choosing a career. In addition, there is a large selection of presentations on occupations, continuing education, and career choices.

Persons who have narrowed their career choices to a few options but are unable to decide among them can arrange a trial apprenticeship (Schnupperlehre). These are offered by businesses with teaching programs, and generally last between one and five days.
You can also contact the BIZ if you want to choose a field of study.

BIZ Beratungs- und Informationszentrum für Bildung und Beruf
Obergrundstrasse 51, 6002 Luzern
Telephone +41 (0)41 228 52 52, Telefax +41 (0)41 228 67 61
Web: https://beruf.lu.ch/biz

Social Media:

Available apprenticeships are listed in the Lehrstellennachweis Lena, on companies‘ websites, or in daily newspapers.  
+ Lehrstellennachweis Lena

The Job Fair of Central Switzerland (Zentralschweizer Bildungsmesse,Zebi), where young persons can obtain information on vocations, companies, continuing education, and university degree programs, is held once a year.

Degree programs at universities or technical colleges are listed on the internet page www.berufsberatung.ch or directly at the college or university of choice, such as the University of Luzern (Uni Luzern), Luzcern Technical College (HSLU), or Luzern's Teachers' College (Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern)
+ Uni Luzern
+ Fachhochschulen
+ Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern

Personal career counseling can also be obtained at the BIZ.
Young people who have not found an apprenticeship can benefit from so-called transitional options. These are temporary programs to increase their job prospects and use their time meaningfully. 

A variety of transitional options that target young people's specific needs are available. Inquire about the available options in Luzern as early as possible from your child's teacher or at the BIZ. Admission to a public transitional program is only possible using the application form startklar“.

Dienststelle Berufs- und Weiterbildung
Anmeldung "startklar"
Obergrundstr. 51, 6002
There are numerous possibilities for continuing education after completing vocational training:
  • In-house courses
  • An additional or second apprenticeship
  • Vocational testing (federal certification, or eidgenössischer Fachausweis)
  • An advanced vocational examination (Meisterprüfung resp. eidgenössisches Diplom)
  • Higher vocational schools, and
  • Technical colleges
+ Weiterbildungszentrum Kanton Luzern
+ Weiterbildungsdatenbank der Schweiz 
If the trainee/student or the parents are not able to finance his/her education, they can apply for financial aid. Scholarships and loans are granted according to the family's financial situation. Scholarships are available for vocational training: both scholarships and loans can be obtained for studies at a technical college or university.  Loans are granted for further education following the completion of vocational training. Information on scholarships and loans:

+ Scholarships Luzern

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